CW client pays nothing after settling multimillion dollar corporate espionage case brought against her

December 2020

Accused of participating in a conspiracy of corporate espionage, CW's client was sued for trade secret misappropriation and invasion of privacy based on allegations that she surreptitiously photographed confidential communications on her boyfriend's cellphone from which an algorithm that predicts the stock market can be reverse engineered. The plaintiff sought to recover millions of dollars in lost income and unpaid royalties arising from CW's client purportedly disseminating his proprietary financial information to his business competitors without his consent. CW came onto the case more than two years after its inception when initial counsel was unable to advance any defense. After CW prevailed on four discovery motions, all of which resulted in sanctions awards against the plaintiff and one of which required the plaintiff to disclose his trade secrets with greater particularity, the plaintiff immediately agreed to a "walkaway" settlement in which CW's client paid nothing and the plaintiff dismissed all causes of action with prejudice.